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The Land of the Scholars

Presented by: Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Al-Kawtahri

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About this class

Transoxiana: The Land of Scholars:

The Muslim conquest of a land located in lower Central Asia marked the inception of some of the most significant medieval scholars and influencers of Islamic theology and science.

Transoxiana, roughly corresponding to modern-day eastern Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and southern Kazakhstan, is a land rich in Islamic history that spawned the pioneers of Hadith collection, Imam Al-Bukhari and Imam Al-Tirmidhi, as well as the father of early modern medicine, Ibn Sina.  Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Al-Kawtahri will dive into Transoxiana's fruition under Islamic rule, its value in acquiring sacred knowledge and its significance in becoming Mā Warāʾ an-Nahr.

About your Instructor

Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari is a British Sunni Islamic scholar, mufti, researcher, founder and chief-Mufti of Darul Ifta Leicester and a teacher at Jamiah Uloom-ul-Quran Leicester. He has authored a number of books on a range of topics.