A Pure Heart
The state of one's heart plays a vital role in a Believer's overall well-being, influencing both their thoughts and actions. As a result, Believers are encouraged to continuously strive to purify their hearts on their spiritual journey, aiming to enhance the significance of their actions for Allah SWT.
Dr. Haifaa Younis

Dr. Haifaa Younis is an American Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and the founder and Chairman of Jannah Institute. She teaches seminars on the thematic commentary of various chapters of the Holy Qur’an and their practical relevance in our day-to-day living. She also offers retreats on key topics that combine the inner essence of Islam with an outward expression of practice. Dr. Haifaa graduated from the Mecca Institute of Islamic Studies in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and completed memorizing the Qur'an at Al-Huda Qur’an Memorization School in Jeddah. She is passionate about spreading the word of Allah (swt) and igniting the love of Islam and the Qur’an through her teachings.