Exploring The Hadith Qudsi
The Hadith Qudsi genre is one of the often overlooked genres in our study of Islam today. Combining two lights together, the Hadith Qudsi carries the light of a message from Allah and the light of an explanation by the Prophet (S). This exclusive class will help you understand what exactly is Hadith Qudsi is along with a study of a select few and the lessons we can derive from them.
Shaykh Hamzah Imtiaz

Shaykh Hamzah Imtiaz currently serves as the Resident Scholar at the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis (IFGSTL) in St. Louis, Missouri.

He holds several ijāzahs (teaching licenses) in the Islamic sciences as a result of his 6 year journey of seeking knowledge. He studied under some of the world's leading Muslim scholars, including Mawlana Tariq Jameel and Mufti Taqi Usmani, the grand Mufti of Pakistan, and Mufti Muhammad Zahid, one of the leading experts on Hadīth Studies today.