Surah Hujurat: Code of Conduct for a Muslim
Surah Hujarat is the foundation for the moral ethics and conduct of a believer. Allah SWT identifies the characteristics we should apply in our daily lives with our families and our communities. Learn about the wonders mentioned in this Surah, so that we may derive from them lessons in Ramadan. Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed will explain this Surah Hujarat in context so that we can also understand and implement Prophetic Adab and those qualities in our daily lives.
Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed was born and raised in Lansing, MI. As a youth, he displayed zeal and enthusiasm to involve himself in the religious sciences. At just 9 years of age, Mufti Abdul Rahman went to Toronto, Canada to pursue his dreams of becoming a Hafidh of the Holy Qur'an. Within a year, he completed the memorization of the Qur'an. He was known to be from among the most intelligent students in the school. He continued his 7 year Shariah program in which he studied a variety of subjects such as Hadith, Tafseer, Usool al-Hadith, logic, rhetoric by the age of 18. Thereafter, Mufti Abdul Rahman traveled to Pakistan to continue his passion to seek knowledge where he completed his 2 year Iftaa program which specializes in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law.

He is legally permitted to pass a Fatwa or verdict.He is known for his passion and dedication to learning and teaching the lost history of Islam and provides detailed insight on how Muslims lived throughout the different eras of history. Mufti Abdul Rahman gives insight to various literature in the Islamic world. Mufti Abdul Rahman is serving as a principal and is a  full-time instructor at Michigan Islamic Institute, the brother organization of Miftaah Institute. He travels across North America as a khateeb and lecturer. He is well-known for his calm and down-to-Earth demeanor.