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The Preserved Message: How the Qur'an was Transmitted during the Time of the Prophet ﷺ

Many of us know the ways in which the Quran 📖 was preserved from the moment the Prophet ﷺ passed until now. But have we considered how the ✨ divine message was proliferated during the Prophet’s ﷺ life? Based on a Yaqeen article by Shaykh Yousef Wahb, this course will examine 🔎 the ways the Prophet ﷺ and his companions both orally disseminated and textually transcribed the Qur’an.

Join us on January 25th-February 15th for this beneficial online course!

Through this course, we will:  

Engage with primary sources of Islamic literature

Uncover various themes regarding the Prophet’s ﷺ delivery of the message to this Ummah

Understand the roles the reciters (qurrāʾ) and memorizers (ḥuffāẓ) played in the preservation of the Quran

Recognize the role of scribes who wrote the Qur’an during both the Meccan and Medinan time periods

Course Includes:

  • 4 Live Sessions
  • Live Q & A with instructors
  • Course Materials & Handouts
  • Access to previous sessions
  • Unlimited access to 100 other courses
  • Quizzes
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Imam Yousef Wahb

Miftaah Online & Portal Instructor

Your Instructor:

Shaykh Yousef Wahb is an Islamic Law Instructor at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law and holds a Masters of Law LL.M from the University of Windsor and a Bachelor in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University.

Shaykh Yousef also serves the community as a Chaplain at the University of Windsor, an instructor at Miftaah Institute, a Research Intern at the Stanford Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab, a co-founding board member of Green Ummah, and an Islamic Compliance Advisor at Beneficent.

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