The Prophet ﷺ In The Hereafter
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is not just a past figure or historical personality for Muslims. Many of us don't realize we still have a relationship with him. For example, when we send blessings upon him we also receive them in return. However, the greatest thing will be what he will do for us on the Day of Judgement. If we understand the true value of Intercession, we would have no choice but to be utterly grateful and loving to him ﷺ, and follow his example and message.
Shaykh Abdullah Misra

Shaykh Abdullah Misra was born in Toronto, Canada in 1983. His family hails from India and he was raised in the Hindu tradition. He embraced Islam in 2001 while at the University of Toronto, from where he completed a Bachelor of Business Administration. He then traveled overseas in 2005 to study the Arabic language and Islamic sciences in Tarim, Yemen for some time, as well as Darul Uloom in Trinidad, West Indies. He spent 12 years in Amman, Jordan where he focused on Islamic Law, Theology, Hadith Sciences, Prophetic Biography and Islamic Spirituality while also working at the Qasid Arabic Institute as Director of Programs. He holds a BA in Islamic Studies (Alimiyya, Darul Uloom) and authorization in the six authentic books of Hadith, and is currently pursuing specialized training in issuing Islamic legal verdicts (ifta’). He holds a certificate in Counselling and often works with new Muslims and those struggling with religious OCD. He is an instructor and researcher in Sacred Law and Theology with the Seekers Guidance The Global Islamic Seminary, and currently resides in the West Indies with his wife and children. His personal interests include Indian history, comparative religion, English singing and poetry.